By Sonia Holt

Competition is high today so you need to improve business connections by being different from your competitors. Since the majority of individuals are making use of social networking sites such as Facebook, you need a Facebook presence. Doing so will provide you the opportunity to reach millions of people around the globe.

Understanding the Facebook Fan Page

Fan pages, are primarily used by businesses to promote brand awareness and reach new markets and consumer. These pages are also referred to as Facebook Business pages.

Two things you need to consider in setting your business pages

1. Have a Plan: When preparing the fan page profile, you need to define an objective and set up goals to achieve your objective. Remember that this will represent your business on social networking sites and will be seen by millions so it should be aesthetically pleasing, professional, and easy to navigate.

2. Provide a clear picture of who you are; what products and services are being offered; and how you are notably different from your competitors.

Facebook Fan Page Benefits

Unlimited Fans: Where a regular Facebook pages limits friends and family to 5,000, you’re allowed an unlimited number of fans on your business pages, and you can continue to add to increase your fan base without additional time and work.

Interactive Community: Through your fan page, you can establish a community, and interact with them daily. This provides you a new channel to obtain feedback on a daily basis. You can easily determine your viewer’s thoughts about your company by their comments. You can provide instant updates about new products, special offers, and upcoming events. Facebook has provided various tools that you can use to promote events, products and brand recognition.

Connectivity: Linking is no longer difficult. From your fan page you can lead visitor to your blog or website or vice-versa.

Free: Facebook pages are inexpensive and extend your reach to a wider audience. Check your page several times a day and making sure it’s regularly updated.

They also provide fee-based advertising and business page promotion to get the exposure you want at a quicker rate. You can also use your page to provide your fans with a way to sign up for special offers, newsletters, etc.

Focusing these efforts on a greater target market than you ever imagined at no-cost or at a relatively low cost, it’s easy to see the value of a Facebook Fan Page. It’s not that hard to set up-Facebook has step by step instructions, or outsource it if you don’t have the time. Someone familiar with fan pages and sets them up on a regular basis can get it done for you faster and at a reasonable cost when you consider the value of your time that you can devote your to getting visitors to view your page(s).

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