By VS Singh

Do you really want to perk up your company’s identity and take it to the next level? Do you have the essential assets that can differentiate you from your competitors? If not then you must adapt an eye-catchy logo design, catalogue or brochure to give a powerful identity to your business and increase your business presence right away!

Without any doubt, it can be avowed that both catalogues and brochures are considered the best tools when it comes to advertising our brands, products and services in a fascinating manner. Moreover, the world which we live in is highly competitive and it is very important that we keep on moving with a consistent pace in order to outsmart our competitors and gain access to the global market. Catalogue or Brochure marketing is an advanced form of direct marketing that not only creates awareness for your company products or services, but also helps you grab the attention of your target audience.

Different types of brochures

Brochure designs can be differentiated on the basis of format, content and distribution. Some of the types are mentioned below.

By Format

Bi-Fold – also known as half-fold leaflets, they are one of the most famous brochure types which are ideal for trade-shows and are made from one or more sheets of paper that is folded once, in two halves.

Tri-Fold – also known as 6-page roll-fold leaflets or c-fold booklet, are just the right option to choose when it comes to fulfilling all your particular needs depending upon several factors, which include target audience, budget, content, printing, etc.

Multi-page bi-folds / booklets / catalogs – also known as 8-page and 12-page bi-folds, are a set of leaflets that are bound together usually by stapling or stacking. Booklets are generally printed on high quality stock, which moreover helps you display striking and extraordinary designs.

Other remaining types of booklets classified on the basis of format are Flyers, Folders, Inserts, Gate-fold, Double gate-fold, Accordion-fold, Cross-fold, Double-parallel, and Roll-fold brochures.

By Content

Company profile – also known as business profile leaflets, company introduction booklets or corporate profile brochures are documents that describe work activities of a particular company.

Sales – also known as promotional brochures or advertising leaflets are used with a focus to sell your company products or promote your services on a bigger level.

Other content leaflets include product catalogs, data-sheets, event booklets, menus, forms, and pamphlets. When it comes to promoting your business services and products, there’s no better option than to use brochures. It is the best possible way to improve your brand visibility and sales. Moreover, it is important that you find a printing firm that not only provide you with high quality leaflet designs on demand, but also provide you with high-class solutions within your budget.

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