By Paul Carter

If you have just started a new blog chances are the traffic is almost non-existent. Do not get disheartened by this. It usually takes a few months for blogs to start getting consistent trickle of traffic. In these initial few months you have to focus a lot on the blog design and more importantly its content. If you can produce and publish top-notch content on consistent basis, sooner or later you are going to get visitors.

In this article, let us discuss a few things you should focus on if you want to grow your blog readership and want to attract more visitors. Any blogger, beginner or pro, should keep these points in mind while trying to grow his blog readership. So let us get started.

1. Choose a focus for your blog – This is a very important point which is usually missed by many bloggers. When I started my first blog, it wasn’t about anything specific. I would write about anything I wanted. The blog would contain articles about self-improvement, internet marketing, productivity, career improvement, health topics etc. As I was not able to define a singular focus for the blog, it didn’t reach its full potential. This was something I realized much later. At first I thought that the more topics I could write about the better as I could get people interested in different things to come and read my articles.

However, if you notice all the top bloggers and their blogs you will find that almost all blogs focus on a particular niche and do not venture outside of it. If you focus your blog on a specific niche or audience, you can grow your site much faster and with much less effort than if you scatter the focus.

Imagine the impact it will have on your visitor when he comes to your blog and reads an article about Paleo recipe, then clicks on another article which is about another Paleo recipe. He clicks a third article which is about a similar, related topic. Chances are the visitor will fall in love with your site which is filled with informative stuff about a topic he is interested in. He may start following your blog and become a subscriber, or share it on his Facebook page or tweet about it.

2. Write very detailed posts – It is a well-known fact that Google strongly favors long content over short one. So if you have the habit of writing extremely long posts you are much more likely to get higher rankings in Google. Higher Google rankings can mean lot of free traffic.

Just have a look at most of the top blogs in your niche and see the length of their posts. Neil Patel, who is a very famous blogger, usually makes posts which are over 3000 words! On top of that, his posts are sprinkled with relevant images and screenshots.

The benefit of long, detailed content is that readers are much more likely to share such content on social media sites rather than shorter content. This does not mean that you cannot post short content. You can sometimes post long articles and sometimes post shorter ones. If all your articles are extremely long then the readers might get bored of them.

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