I highly recommend Tracey at IvyRose.

I highly recommend Tracey at IvyRose. She is wonderful and so patient. I am a website designer as well and I out sourced a client to her to install an affiliate program for me. She was so quick and easy to work with. It took her less than an hour to get it rolling and even offered to help me learn it. She then installed my own affiliate program. Being that its a new type of install and I have not worked with it before she did it for me. Then the domain I had it on was no good so I had to do it on another domain. She was AWESOME. She redid my install on the new domain and was so nice about it and even didn’t charge extra because she is that great. It took her no time to get it up and running and I was able to get affiliates added on in less than 10 minutes after she was done. I highly recommend her for any of your install needs as well as design. She strives to do quality every time and with out putting a hole in your pocket. I love her work and will be using her on a regular basis for all my clients installs. TY so much Tracey!

— SonyaT from USA